Mike Van Duyn


A balance of fitness, nutrition and self care.

Promoting self healing.

Maintaining balance as a whole.

Being an active father who is very busy I truly understand how hard it can be finding the time to stay on top or begin to worry about yourself;  Especially  Fitness and Nutrition!

That's why I'm here.  

I have a passion to spread and promote proper balance of maintaining true self care. I've had lots of people help me along the way and open my eyes to my own possibilities including the ability to help others.

There are many things in life that drive me to provide answers and solutions to help others on their own personal journey.

There are struggles in life and there is nothing we can do but face them and overcome.

 Join my journey so together we can walk and change lives as we change ourselves!

Alizabeth Van Duyn

As a massage therapist we are here to assist the body to do what it was created to do, heal itself. Massage is the perfect instrument to guid the body to relax into homeostasis (balance). 


I attended a course to become one of the first Massage Therapists in the nation trained in Graston Technique, a bodywork technique previously reserved for licensed physicians and physical therapists. I have a passion to teach people the important of massage on the human body. I teach my clients ways to continue treatment even after they are off my table and I teach the next generation of Masage Therapists at Indiana Wellness College. 

I am originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan where I attended the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Science and graduated as a Therapeutic Massage Therapists.