From Trainer Mike VanDuyn

Being a father of five and husband to my loving and supportive wife, Marisa, I know how hard it can be to make fitness a priority.

When I've been at the end of my rope, though, it has been the one thing that restores my energy and quite frankly, my sanity.

Being a family of seven, our family's health impacts our lives and livelihood on a daily basis.


Because of that, both Marisa and I want nothing more than to be healthy and active throughout our children's lives, and hopefully, the lives of our grandchildren.


We work for it daily, whether it's extra leg exercises while on a walk with the kids, prepping healthy and balanced meals for the week ahead, or holding down the fort so the other can spend an hour in our home gym.


That's what I strive to provide my clients--the opportunity to learn how to live their best life for themselves and their families, each and every day.