My Plexus Journey

October 28, 2017

Mike and I started our Plexus journey not too long ago. We were introduced to it by our great friend Amber! She is known as the "pinkdrinkdealer" on Instagram. She has been a great mentor and friend to us. 

Get your gut health back in shape here! ✳ 


Ever since we started the Plexus TriPlex we have been feeling really great. It is not just the instant boost of energy great, but we just really started to feel better from the inside out.  The Plexus TriPlex includes: 

  • Plexus Slim 

  • ProBio5

  • Bio Cleanse

These wonderful AND delicious supplements help remove, restore, and rebalance your body and gut. 


What I have felt change the most so far, are that my sugar cravings are gone. I can say NO to candy, or a cookie. Which is a pretty big deal for those who know me. It has also helped me with appetite control, which is a ➕! 


They have a great supplement for kids too! 

Our kids will be taking this from now on! We are setting a family goal of 🚫 doctor visits for a year! We rarely get sick anyways but when we do! It is a household sickfest! 😷🤒


We look forward to growing together as a family and company with Plexus. They truely are a great company that we can stand behind! 💜


                             Take A Peek! 🎃